Meter al Meter – One Square Meter
The Jerusalem Poetry Festival # 9, 20-22 September, 2016

The Jerusalem-based "Poetry Place" is proud to announce the upcoming 9th annual "One Meter Square" Poetry Festival. Over eighty of Israel's leading poets and musicians will be taking part in a variety of 14 events, all dealing with the many different forms of Israeli space – small, intimate, and "one meter square".

According to Israeli police regulations, organizers of public events are obliged to maintain a reasonable level of crowding based on a benchmark of one meter square per person. It is therefore both symbolic and ironic that one meter square is a festival standard designed to ensure both pleasure and safety.

One meter square outlines an existential compromise in a world that is becoming progressively smaller, in a country that is becoming progressively more cramped for the peoples who inhabit it, in a small city center and above all, within the poem itself, where less always contains more.

The Festival will take place in the Gerard Behar Center & nearby cafe’s in the heart of Jerusalem. The participating poets will read from their works and talk to audiences in intimate spaces. The themes of the performances are also intimately connected to the spirit of the "one meter square", "little letters", "small talk" and more.

POETRY PLACE has been active for the past fourteen years in Jerusalem, hosting scores of poetry and music performances, creative writing workshops and encounters with poets from Israel and abroad. In October 2015, poetry place has established The College of the Literary Arts: a post-secondary school in Jerusalem for the literary arts. The school is a unique institution not affiliated with any university, and unlike any institution existing today in Israel or the world.

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